Talbot Optimist Club 2018-2019 Recommendation for Charitable Donation

Submit by a member of the requesting organization no later than Feb 6, 2019

Please email OR snail mail a brochure/information about this organization to the following:



Talbot Optimist Club
c/o Geoff Bernstein
8758 Roundhouse Cir
Easton, MD 21601

Organization Information
This section is the organization information. This can be the information of the main contact for the organization if needed.
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Organization Address
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Main Organization Contact Name
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Organization Phone
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Discrimination Policy Request
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Please email/mail a brochure/information about this organization to the following: TalbotOptimistClubTreasurer@gmail.com OR Talbot Optimist Club, c/o Geoff Bernstein, 415 Salmon Ave, Easton, MD 21601
If your group has not, please remember that the majority of the donations we give come from the Christmas Tree Lot.
Please select a Optimist member that you have spoken to about sponsoring your group. If you need a sponsor please feel free to email the president about being sponsored